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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reconnecting with Old Friends?

Reminded by Coy, of Dancing In The Rain, of the closing of AOL Journals, I've tried to import one of my AOL blogs here to blogspot, with no actual success. I've neglected those journals for so long, that it really doesn't seem to matter if I retain any of their content or not. What Coy also reminded of, however, is the wonderful Journal community that we once had at AOL. I do hope that some of those old friends will start visiting this journal here at blogspot.

I haven't written here, or much of anywhere, since April, as the family events of May made this sort of thing totally irrelevant. I spent May and June on the east coast, in Washington DC with my sister after her husband died, with visits to Penna after my brother's bypass surgery there, and a brief vacation back on the Delaware coast to regain some personal sanity.