Where do we go from here?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This is really not a blog. I had to sign up with blogger in order to become part of The Blue Voice, a group blog here on blogger. Anyone who stumbles in here by some odd chance may want to come on over to The Blue Voice, a really great political group blog. It's what's happening.


Theresa Williams said...

Here I am, Maisie! Come over and see me sometime. I have missed you.

V said...

Found You!!!!!!!

Robbie said...

Hey! Hey! Sorry to take so long to pop my head up but I'm on Blogspot too. I've been here a while actually, much longer than the bruhaha at AOL. My AOL journal is still there and linked here until I get everything transferred. I liked the family analogy in your email. I like to think of everyone that way. Otherwise, the guilt of not reading everyone all the time would overwhelm me. With family, there seems to be more grace. :-)