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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Deepfreeze Day

It's miserably cold all over the land, especially in the Midwest, although the arctic air has dropped all the way down to Texas, it's also spreading through eastern New Mexico; and in Florida the crops are freezing, and iguanas are falling out of trees. Yes, apparently the cold-blooded reptiles become immobilized and lose their grip when the temps fall below forty. In honor of this wretched January weather, to make it a little more bearable, all I have to offer today is Mary Oliver's

Cold Poem

Cold now.
Close to the edge. Almost
unbearable. Clouds
bunch up and boil down
from the north of the white bear.
This tree-splitting morning
I dream of his fat tracks,
the lifesaving suet.

I think of summer with its luminous fruit,
blossoms rounding to berries, leaves,
handfuls of grain.

Maybe what cold is, is the time
we measure the love we have always had, secretly,
for our own bones, the hard knife-edged love
for the warm river of the I, beyond all else; maybe

that is what it means the beauty
of the blue shark cruising toward the tumbling seals.

In the season of snow,
in the immeasurable cold,
we grow cruel but honest; we keep
ourselves alive,
if we can, taking one after another
the necessary bodies of others, the many
crushed red flowers.


Lisa :-] said...

She has such an intriguing voice, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

Hi Marigolds this is Aine. I looked at your profile to see what you were talking about having a cluttered blog because I didn't think you had a cluttered blog at all, then I saw you had more than one blog under your profile, I was following you on the 'Women' blog. I still don't think your blog is cluttered here either! I find it to be homey and comfortable.

I love this poem. I'm following you on this blog too and I love the Blue Voice blog as well.

Thanks for your comments on my blog.


marigolds2 said...

Aine, The WomenOn blog is not mine, it is a group blog, with Lisa as the MC. It is absolutely homey and comfortable, that's a great way to put it. When I spoke of being cluttered, I was referring to all the stuff on the front page of this blog. Lists of stuff, photos, and so on. It's all stuff I love, but when I looked at yours, so peaceful, simple and zen, I felt a little bad about my heaps of stuff. But, that's me. You should see: my desk, my dining room table, my other desk, my kitchen table. At one time or another one or several of them are piled with heaps of stuff I'm working on. And my brain is in just the same shape, piles of clutter and heap, a total mess of ideas, questions, thoughts. I'm trying to do more meditating (I loved your post on breathing)to unclutter some of this.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was talking about this blog feeling homey and comfortable. You can email me @
I don't care if you leave my email up, it's a public account, I have it posted everywhere, it's on my Facebook acct. etc.

If you're on Facebook btw add me.