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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Disconnection

After my post the other day on the attempt to rescue my mind, I found this post by a friend on - yes - Facebook. It's called How to Disconnect from Your Online Life, and comes from the BBC.  Apparently I am far from the only one with the problem. It is my current intention to do more blog reading and writing, although I don't intend to sign up with "the Suicide Machine" and "kill" my FB "avatar persona,"  whom, I think, is pretty much my real life persona.  I've even made some real friends, as opposed to virtual ones, via the social networking, which I count as a real plus.  Kind of scary though that there are young people in the world now whose  "entire life has been lived online." Yikes.

Okay, off this chair, away from this screen right now.  Out into the so-called Real World.

A Post Script on 9/20 - as I seem to be riding a wave:  Is The Internet Making You Lose Your Mind?  My question exactly.  And the answer seems to be a possible yes.

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Caledonia said...

You are spot on with the ADD analysis....Facebook does enable this tendency...sure does for me, too.