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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Carnival of the Green #118

This week's Carnival is posted here at The Expatriate's Kitchen Each week the Carnival introduces me, and I hope you, to new and wonderful sites in the ecoblog universe. The Expat's Kitchen is itself a site I've enjoyed spending time exploring, with lots of faabulous recipes amid the green food musings.

The post that caught my attention in this Carnival is a review of The Transition Handbook from the ethical pulse blog. The reviewer says he was tempted to confine his review to five simple words: "You must read this book." Fortunately he went further, and in so doing introduced me to the whole movement of Transition Culture, and absolutely convinced me that I do need to read this book.

"The subtitle for the book is ‘From oil dependency to local resilience' and that's exactly the journey you are taken on when you read it. It's divided into three sections - The Head, The Heart and The Hands - in other words get your mind round the need, become impassioned and then get working. It will engender very different reactions in readers depending on their current point of view and understanding. But I guarantee that everyone will feel a sense of change once they have read it."

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