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Friday, March 28, 2008

Tell Me What You Eat...

As we move into the weekend it's fun to focus on a few of the day's lighter issues. It may seem that where Hillary Clinton is concerned there aren't many light issues. But Mimi Sheraton, whom I followed faithfully for eight years when she was the NYT food critic, managed to find one to write about a couple of weeks ago in Slate magazine online, and as a dedicated foodie myself, I find it to be pretty darned delightful. The article is How Hungry Is Hillary Clinton? An Analysis of The Candidate's Tastebuds. It's written with Sheraton's trademark verve, panache, and devotion to food.

After tracing Hillary's food choices from high school (olive burgers) through the White House years (pecan crusted lamb with morel sauce) and onto the campaign trail (competitive eating), Sheraton closes with this musing:
"In the end, how can anyone not admire a woman who, like so many of us, is torn between renunciation and appetite,with a weakness for the hot and spicy and the cool and sweet, and who surely represents the people's palate?

Significant? You be the judge."

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sunflowerkat said...

Glad you're blogging here again Mary Ellen. It's a little more challenging to keep up with the folks on blogger....but I'll do my best to be by regularly.

I've missed you....