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Friday, March 02, 2012


When last I was here, I posted that I was going to be a better blogger.  Write more, and more often. Well, I'm back - in less than a month even - but only to say how overwhelmed I am at, by...everything.  The more I read, and think, the less I can write. My head is a wild clamor of so many subjects, so many ideas, so many, just, things.  I know I've blamed this inability-to-write problem on Facebook previously - and I may have to do so here again.  But in a different way than I've experienced it before.  It's a timesuck, that's for sure - but it's also a wide open window on the wide wide world.  On it I have access to all the periodicals and bloggers I find fascinating, all the sites with endless realms of information, access to more than I can cope with, MORE, MORE, JUST ONE MORE!!   And my head fills up, and my brain spins around, and before I know I have to leave the computer to do the Real Stuff of my life - and no blogging has happened here. 

So for a while anyway, I'm mostly going to use this space as a sort of Commonplace Book. If I can write, I'll write.  If not, I'll use it as a place to store things I have found elsewhere, and love - or want to pay more attention to later, or think about further.  I've always done this in my written journals, copied in quotes or poems, pasted in cartoons or photos - and here I have the electronic advantage of being able to copy and paste in anything I find and want to keep at hand.

It just so happens that I have one, that I've been using as a sort of meditation.  Someone else's blog post, so all I can do is give the link here, hoping that it will continue to work for a long time.  This is a photo essay on the Japanese Gardens at the Ft. Worth TX Botanical Gardens.  It's been many years since I've been to these gardens, but I see that is a huge mistake. I often go to Dallas for family reasons, and why not go another thirty some miles and spend a day in Fort Worth. We have a new Japanese Garden here in our own much smaller Albuquerque Botanical Gardens, and it is a lovely place I visit often when my heart and soul need calming. Maybe I'll do a photo essay there one of these days.  But, for now, we can all still our souls and uplift our hearts with the beauty of Harry's Ghost's winter tranquility.

Japanese Garden Blossoms In Winter's Repose (Photo Essay)

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Lisa :-] said...

I've found myself in much the same condition over the past several months. One solution I've discovered is just to decide I'm going to sit down and write whatever comes to mind for ten minutes, and not let myself stop until I have a finished "something" to post. A lot of what results is crap...but SOME of it has ended up to be decent writing. And it is all valid in that it is the story of what my life is about NOW.

I've issued a challente at "Women On..." if you're interested...