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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Storm Clouds Moving East On My Day Off (Poem)


 I went outside just now
To move the trash cans to the curb.
The wind was like a hammer
Against my chest, my face.
The mountains in the east
Had vanished utterly
In curtains of fog and snow.
But it was clearing in the west,
Cloud patches tearing loose from ragged blue.
Back inside, I joined the cats
Watching from the bedroom window
In a patch of sun
As house finches emptied  feeders
In the plum trees' naked branches.
Looks like the weather guys were wrong.
Here in the valley
It will not snow today.

1 comment:

jewel said...

Mary Ellen, that is beautiful. I can see it all, the mountains, you, the cats. Thanks for posting this. Julia