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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let Us OUT Of Here

A blogging friend posted a comment at my last post, to the effect that she had put her patio plants out on the patio, and they were looking great and happy out there. She is in Dallas, TX and I am in Albuquerque, NM. What a difference 640 miles make. As I type, it is snowing like mad here, has evidently been snowing for quite a while, and shows no signs of stopping. My outdoor plants, which are, as you can see, mostly succulents and cactii, have been screaming at me lately to LET THEM OUT of this house RIGHT NOW. They are in sunny south and west windows, the cats can't get to them, they are watered as needed, one of the crowns of thorns is blooming, the other is just about to, you'd think they would be happy as pigs in mud. They spend the summer on a rocky ledge in the back yard, among pots of perennials of a nontender sort, in morning summer sun, where they double in size every year; and their impatience to get back out there is palpable, emanating from them in waves.

Or is this what the therapists call projection? The snow is beautiful, but quite unexpected. I was planning to spend the morning weeding in the perennial beds. Like my jades, aloes, crowns of thorns, sedum, rosemary, and geraniums, I am desperate to GET OUT. It's supposed to be almost fifty degrees today, so this snow will be gone before dark.  But this strange stormy weather, say the necromancers, is supposed to go on through at least the rest of the month.


Lisa :-] said...

We had a gorgeous February here in Western Orygun. All the flowering shrubs, daffs and other assorted early bloomers bloomed really early this year. Everyone was saying, "Wow! It's spring!" And I was saying, "get a clue, folks, it's only February. This is Oregon. We've got two to three more months of more-rainy-than-not and mostly chilly weather to live through." And I was right. It's been snowing above 1000 feet on and off for the last week. Welcome back to winter...

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, you are making me ache for New Mexico...though not while it's snowing. I'm over the weather already. It's still rainy and cold here in Vegas too. It's breaking here and there but still crazy for this time of year. Blah. I want to get in my pool and take my grandson to the park.