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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Twelve Step Recovery Program Desperately Needed.

I asked for help when I first signed on to Facebook, but now I need a twelve step program (surely there are some?) to rescue me from its alluring clutches.  Life has disappeared into a sinkhole of roving the net, searching for former students, family members, guests from our days of running a bed and breakfast on Cape Cod, high school and college classmates, friends from all over the planet, both Real and Virtual, and catching up with their lives, which it is possible to do minute by minute in fact  After two and a half weeks on the damn thing, I have sixty five friends, some requests still unrequited, and I can't stop searching.  I've fallen and I can't get up!!!  I notice that some folks, mostly young people, have two or three hundred "friends" on their lists.  How is this possible?  I'm sixty-six years old and I don't think I've known that many people in my whole life.  How can my nineteen-year-old niece have 322 Facebook friends? The grand-daughter who has only been on the planet thirteen years have 122?  See?  I'm obsessed.  Look at me, using one Internet application, Blogger, to write about another one, Facebook.

While my garden goes unweeded, real  friends in real time and space uncontacted, phone calls unreturned, lesson plans left hanging.  My name is Mary Ellen and I have become an addict.  Gonna go to Facebook and search for a recovery program.  But first, if you're not already there, will you please sign up to be my Friend?

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